The Year of the Farm (Fr Bruno)

One of our core principles is to work towards food self-reliance as much as humanly possible.  And in this struggle, we teach the children valuable farming life skills and build up their confidence and work ethic that will help them to thrive after leaving TOUCO.  In this direction we have achieved the following this year.

We planted more than 15 acres of avocados in Madeke and Ikang’asi. Planted 100 acres plus of forest in Ikang’asi. We tried growing rice for the first time and harvested 9 sacks of rice (ca. 100 kg each). We expect to harvest about 13 sacks of beans and have planted three quarters of an acre of bananas in Mundindi. The Mafinga fishpond project is elusive but we are working on it and we must succeed. We expect to harvest also some 40 sacks of corn which is just a drop of our annual corn needs but it is something in the right direction. Sr Helena is the engine behind all these endeavors!