2021 Plans

  1. Break ground to build a home suitable for older TOUCO students who are unable to return to village or extended family after completing elementary school.
  2. Focus on job skills training opportunities for older students. Vocational training, apprenticeships, etc.
  3. Continue implementing and developing the Medical team recommendations. Customized physical therapy plans for several children with developmental issues. Ongoing C-19 safety.
  4. Modest increases in acres planted of avocado, casava, and tree planting and management. Expansions of family animal enclosures (cows, pigs, chickens).
  5. The board is working to set up a TOUCO Foundation for long term financial support of Fr Bruno’s mission. If you are able to make a large donation now, or would like to include TOUCO in your will / estate planning, please reach out so we can include you in these important planning efforts.

TOUCO strives to meet its obligations (e.g. registrations, operating structure, monitoring donor funds, etc.) and provide the resources local children will need to grow and prosper.

Gift Ideas

  • Art Supplies for teh Ibumila Kindergarten 5 children $25
  • Books for village library 5 books $20
  • School Uniforms or dresses (materials) 5 children $20
  • The Matron’s sewing cooperative to make clothings 25 children $100
  • High school fees 1 child $50
  • Vocational school fees for several older students 1 $3000
  • Goat (milk + cheese – Ibumila)$80
  • Piglet (each family raises a pig) 1 $25
  • Baby Tilapia + Catfish (Ibumila + Mafinga fish ponds) 100 $50
  • Trees for shade/firewood/erosion control 20 seedlings $100
  • Medical and Dental check-ups $50
  • Medical mission trip (MD + RNs from Boise)
  • Land Rover 4×4 for community transportation (gently used) 1 $26000
  • Family housing unit for older children 1 $42000
  • Donation twoards general operation costs