• Touco's graduate goes to the University of Dodoma to study law.

Touco Help Meet the Needs of Children

A Home

TOUCO hopes to expand into a 40 acre community of homes, schools and activity centers that will provide children a community and not just a place to sleep.


Orphans can’t learn if they’re sick, so TOUCO wants to provide care for children at the orphanage.


Orphans won’t have a future without education, so TOUCO hopes to provide schools on site at the TOUCO village through secondary school.

Tanzania Orphans Upendo Community
(TOUCO) is a non-profit organization
aimed at bringing abundant life for orphans
and vulnerable children in Tanzania.

Over 3 Million Orphans


AIDS is at epidemic levels in Africa, creating over 20 million orphans in the continent and the majority of orphans in Tanzania.


Deep poverty affects Tanzania and forces caregivers to choose between eating or caring for a child.

TOUCO Helps Orphans

Tanzania Orphans Upendo community (TOUCO) are families of 6 to 12 orphans between 3 to 12 years who live under the care of a loving volunteer adult woman. She helps them grow to adulthood in a socially and psychologically safe and secure environment. TOUCO helps children acquire social and economic survival skills. Click here to learn more about Upendo Community.

Children’s Choir on all saints day

Upendo Journal