Upendo Family Centers

mapAll four Upendo Family Centers are in Tanzania, east Africa, located just west of Dar es Salaam and between Nigeria and Zambia. This area is the heart of the HIV epidemic in Africa that has left thousands of orphans in its wake. Touco is attempting to meet at least some of that need by supporting those children who have lost parents, grandparents and even their community.

These centers are located in the South-West part of Tanzania in the Iringa region around the Njombe Catholic Diocese:

  1. Mafinga
  2. Uwemba
  3. Madeke
  4. Ibumila (NEW! Work in Progress)
Mafinga Upendo Family Center
It hosts 16 orphans. Most of the children attend kindergarten and primary school.



Uwemba Upendo Family Center
It hosts 12 orphans. The children attend kindergarten, primary school & secondary schools.


Madeke Upendo Family Center
New site for TOUCO Village. It currently hosts 10 orphans.


Ibumila: Newest Upendo Family Center
Four NEW houses are scheduled to be built in this center. It is scheduled to open to orphans later in 2015.