The wedding at Utalingoro Parish

I hope I shared with you about the Upendo Family in Mafinga. It had been invaded by some lazy people who want to enjoy without work. I went and expelled all of them from the Family and now the children enjoy their peace. I took a joint picture for all of them as they came from school. Only seven of them remain as the others have graduated from the Elementary School and have joined their families while Gift has joined the Madeke Orphans Upendo Farm as you saw him in the first post.

It is not always about the orphans. I had to bless a marriage at Utalingoro Parish and that was a funny moment too! There was a traditional dance and I couldn’t have missed it. So I joined and danced forgetting I still had the catholic vestments with me. That is East African Catholicism, simplified series!

Children around here have to make sure that as they come from school they collect firewood for cooking the evening meal. So from school they must come back with a bunch of dry wood.

Dear friends this should be enough to give you of the little things that happen to me as days run so fast to Christmas. I wish all of you the best of luck and let us pray for one another. Hope to see you soon.
May the Lord bless you all.