Lilian’s Story

My name is Lilian John Makamba, from Njombe. I started living with the Uwemba UPENDO family in 2009 when I was 9 years old. I am about to start my first degree of law at the University of Dodoma.
Uwemba family taught me lots of things, like farm work, domestic work, gardening, selling and buying activities. Due to this I have learnt how to live independently. All thanks goes to Fr. Mgaya and other sponsors for the help so that I am able to complete my A’degree. After I will take Masters
then finish with Doctorate, may the Lord Almighty help me.
My future goals are to become an independent lawyer, to help the children living in hardship, who can’t afford basic needs and education. So they can be able to fulfill their dreams also. Everything is possible under the name of Almighty God. God is good, nothing is wrong. L.J. Makambo. 11/28/2020