My Life Story: Timothy Kaduma

I am a second-grade child, ten years old and an orphan. The story is that my father died but what I know is that my mother is mentally challenged, and I am her only child. Life has always been a struggle for me. If I had anything to eat, then it was my mother’s relatives who provided it. Before I joined the Yerusalem Upendo Family in Mafinga, I hardly had any regular meals. I wandered with my mentally sick mother from one place to another and at night, from one local beer club to another. This was the norm till I was five years old and it was then that one of my relatives send me to Yerusalem Upendo Family, which is very close to my village, just a walking distance. Life changed. I had regular meals; I started attending a kindergarten and had a cloth over my body. I remember one day when social workers came here and told me that this place was not good for me and they would be sending me home to Changarawe village and I told them I will never go there. Yerusalem Upendo Family was my place and family.

Since I came here my mother or relatives have never visited me. I do not want to go home either as I do not want to see my mother in that poor state, it is painful. My grandma who used at times to take me with her has already died due to old age. I love living here with Mama Felista and my other friends with whom we go to school together. I try to work hard at school so my life may be better, so that I can help myself and Mama Felista too in her old age.

I love Mama Felista Mwigani, she is so good to us and me and all children here tend even to forget that we are orphans. She really cares for us. She with father Mgaya are our parents. May the Lord bless them and all those who come here to see us at times.