Meet Father Walter

I am Fr Walter S.J Msigwa from Njombe Catholic Diocese-Tanzania.

It has been an opportune moment after my ordination to the priesthood this year to begin my ministry here at ibumila and all over the parish of Mtwango as an assistant priest. I very much thank Rev Fr Bruno Mgaya for his lovely initiative to create such a centre for taking care of children living in hard condition and those without effective aid at their families. I was fond of visiting this place when I was a seminarian, just as I head Fr Bruno is working here. I could only hear of the place, or rather read from his car tire casing – with the printing TOUCO at the back. But God’s plans aren’t same with man’s, instead of visiting the place I am now resident here at the centre, working hand in hand with him.
I am here with the dear kids – the matrons, the sisters and other workers, I try my best to switch in so that activities run smoothly. It has been already a good experience to my priestly life up to now. And am seeing that this place goes to shape my future life as well.

My early orphanage Experience
As I grew up at my at my parish there were an orphanage center which started in 2000, I could visit there and spend time with the kids I didn’t think of one day becoming one responsible to ensure their survival in one way or another. I hereby recognize and appreciate the great contributions of the TOUCO members and all who are in support of this centre. To be real this work demands love, compassion and kindness- so that it may prosper, of which you have done a lot on your side. We pray that this centre be of good help to these kids and support them, hence building their future life.

I began my primary school in 1999 and completed in 2005 at Kipengere Parish. After that I joined secondary school at Kilocha seminary which I completed in 2013. There after, I joined Major seminary of Peramiho for Philosophy and Theology, up to June 2021 there after my ordination and appointment to work at this centre.

Jobs and Interests
I am personally interested in working with carpentry and other machinery. Of which the place needs for these activities to be handled here as well. This does not exclude other particular activities at the centre or elsewhere, including farming, sports and the like.

My Gratitude
Rev. Fr Bruno is of his own kind, with a serious mind in establishing the place, man of prayer and always cheerful. He will fully be mirrored here at the centre for his great love for the kids, and changing their life for the better future. This always gives me meditation and a challenge. Together with him and all the TOUCO community, I say thank you very much for receiving me as part of the community. All the three houses, Ibumila, Yerusalemu-mafinga and Uwemba recognize and appreciate your lovely support.

Welcome again to our centers as chances allow. I wish you all the good luck in your endeavors, and the best wishes for the coming New Year 2022.

With cordial thanks