On Monday I explained on how corporates do destroy the planet and its peoples for the sake of money. In Tanzania the pictures that you see here show just a few of the negative effects of gold mining where corporations search for more money in Third World countries at the expense of people and the environment.

Tanzania is now the third gold mining country in Africa and all that the people get is at most more deaths. It is always acclaimed that if corporations invest in poor countries the people benefit by the trickle-down effect, only death trickles; no school, no hospital no road! That illusion must be shuttered by these horrific images of mercury spill in rivers in the second biggest lake in the world with a gigantic stocks of fish which will have to vanish in the near future accompanied by the slow death of more then 15 million people who are dependent on the lake not to count people in the Southern Sudan Republic, Northern Sudan and Egypt for as well said Egypt is the Nile!