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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Dear Friends in Christ Jesus,
I promised to update my blogpost last Wednesday but as I had told you the world over here is a different world. Internet access is not only an issue but a hazard.
I visited my my home village where I was born and saw my only uncle who is circa 93 years old. He cannot walk but is able to see, speak, hear and crack jokes. He has never seen the inside of the a hospital and has never taken a pill. He lives alone 3 miles from the closest village close to one of the densest mountain forests in the district. I would be scared but he is never scared. He has no wife, no child and no friend and yet peaceful and tranquil. He lives exactly on the spot where I was born 59 years ago. My paternal grandma also is buried here. Besides me is my nephew who is now helping this old man have his basic necessities. All is well!

The villagers in my home village have a problem of grinding their corn to get corn flour for the traditional staple meal known as ‘ugali’. They travel at times 20 miles back and forth to have to grind their corn for a week’s flour supply. Two years ago I started funding a project to have a ‘water powered’ corn meal in our village and it is slowly taking shape. We will block a stream, raise its level and lead the water to a steep gradient to force it drive a mill that will grind our corn and then we will finally save all women the trouble of going twenty miles! It will take time but Rome was not built in a day!

This project is on the way. The Villagers supply their labor but cement and steel bars are dearly expensive.

My village has a Kindergarten and they enjoyed having a picture as I visited them in Makanjaula.The Headmaster of the school which I first attended in 1962 is a former school mate from a neighboring Village.

I wish all of you all the best and God’s blessings!


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Monday, September 26, 2011

Dear friends in Christ,

The updates have been very late coming. I am trying to see if I can send anything today. Yesterday I wrote all the travel from Boise to Dar es salaam but when I tried to post it, the computer could not send the message.

My flight from Boise was smooth up to Dar es Salaam in Tanzania. From Portland Airport we passed through Canada by South Greenland and Iceland, then over Ireland and Britain to Schiphol in Holland. The flight was excellent with a lot of wine and eating!

I stayed in Dar es Salaam before proceeding by bus to my diocese about 700 Kms from Dar es Salaam. The road is paved so there wasn’t any bumps. It was a tiring travel because of the distance. I reached Njombe Diocese Friday night.

I have not yet gone to my home Parish because I wanted to see the bishop before I left. Today I met and talked with the Bishop personally and we had a priestly diocesan meeting which ended just now. I have met most priests of the diocese today ( about 105 priests). It was such joyous moment for all of us as we discussed critical issues in the diocese. Priest are now fund raising to build their own school in Lugarawa. Education is the main focus of the bishop in the diocese.

I have not seen any of my relatives in my home Parish. I expect to see them on Wednesday. I will go there around evening, someone will give me a lift to my home village and will take some pictures if possible.

I want to thank all of you for your prayers and well wishing. I hope we continue praying for one another in the hope of seeing each other again.

May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, the love of God and the communion of the Spirit be with you all.
I hope to update the blog on Thursday if the internet service will be accessible.


Fr Bruno Denyutali Mgaya