A Charity on the move Karibu

Tanzania Orphans Upendo Community (TOUCO) is an all-volunteer 501(c)(3) Federal Tax Exempt Idaho NonprofitCorporation. It is an organization devoted to bringing life in abundance to the orphans and vulnerable children in Tanzania. By integrating the mission of Christ to love and care for the needy, TOUCO intends to empower villages and other local communities to promote culturally holistic and sustainable models of orphan care based on the wisdom of the traditional African extended family practice.

Empowering local communities means being inspired
by a local leadership vision of orphan care that addresses bioecological challenges (social, economic, political and environmental). In light of this, it is essential to design sustainable interventions which affirm the age-old maxim
that even with global assistance in Tanzanian orphan care the crux is “Tanzanian problems need Tanzanian solutions”.
Rev. Bruno Denyatuli Mgaya (PhD)