Mini Hydro Electric Turbine

Dear Friends in Christ,

Yesterday I and the Vicar General of the Diocese of Njombe had gone on an adventure to reconnoiter a site for a mini hydro electric turbine for a new Parish in Utalingoro quite close to the Cathedral. The place was remote and dangerous but we came home safe and sound. None faced the wrath of the green and black mambas, snakes that are so poisonous that it will take only ten minutes to travel to the nether world!

Tomorrow on Sunday we will be visited by the Archibishop Norbert Mtega native of this same diocese who celebrates 25 years as a Bishop. I do not particularly favor jubilees. I remember that Jesus celebrated none of these and although he had come to announce a Jubilee year, it was for the poor not for Himself. But we can always pray for the bishops and priests that they may model on the spirit of Christ who was simple and dedicated to his mission of human liberation from all oppressive social structures.

Which is the greatest commandment in the Torah? Love God and your neighbor as yourself. Makes some sense in a world where hate is the fashionable. It is in dying that we are reborn and in giving that we receive (St Francis). How true!

Love you all and God bless us all and grant us His joy and Peace!

I will try to update the blog soon! Power and internet accessibility are the real challenges so far!