Updates Jan 2015

TOUCO continues to strive at meeting its obligations

(e.g. managing donor funds, making sure projects are done on time, etc.)

Uwemba Center

Deepened a well at Uwemba Center, so no one has to go three miles to fetch water.
The center was moved to a new location near-by due to highway construction.
Uwemba Well

Madeke Center

Portable water pump and leveled ground for new house.


The Water Dam

The water dam has been broadened and heightened.
Work in progress due to improvements needed after devastating rain-season.


Mafinga Center

Room Expansion work has been completed.


Built a new fence around the center.


Solar panel was installed and children are enjoying electricity in their facility.


New septic tanks has been installed.


Ongoing Projects

  • Taking care of orphans daily needs. (e.g. meal expenses, etc.)
  • Providing education and helping for school fees, uniforms and supply.
  • To remunerate and attain volunteer women to support children’s needs.
  • Working with farm workers to sustain their community farm.
  • Providing  medical support as needed.