Update from Father Bruno

“We thank God because everything is going well where all the kids are living. Starting with Dorotea Upendo Village with 120 kids, Uwembe with 16, and Mafinga with 21. In total we are caring for 157 children this year. The furniture at the Madeke house is now completed. Six rooms each with a bed, a table, a chair and closet. We have planted 7 acres during the wet season of cassava and three acres of avocado plants. In Ikang’asi we made fire lines to protect our forest from dry season fires. My traveling to the US anytime this year is NOT possible due to COVID and administration complications with the passing of Bishop Alfred.  But we would love visitors if you can come to Tanz.” -Father Bruno

Dedicated and skilled local workers have been helping build, operate, and maintain three Upendo family centers and two farm sites. Pictured above is our General contractor: Erasto Mwinami, Mason: Jacobo Kihombo, Carpenter: Aklei Mwinami, and Mechanic/Driver: Laurent Mhamilawa.

The farming projects have been doing great! Each family unit gets one acre of land for growing vegetables. Sister Margareth says that, “the farms are doing very well and starting next year we may not to need to buy much fruit, as they will have avocados, bananas, sugar cane, and other perennials that have matured over last few years.”

Many of the kids at TOUCO have been focusing and working hard on their studies and school work. Last year, most of the children passed standard seventh grade. In addition, new murals have been painted in the church building by local artist Marco Komba.

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