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TOUCO works through a system of self reliance and building back community for children who lost both parents and their extended families. With a paid house mother acting as their parent, families of up to 12 children work together to build their own futures in a country devastated by AIDS and an orphan population that tops 1.4 million children.

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The Touco Children

TOUCO is a Tanzanian concept that helps those children who lack the extended family. Both parents may die, may have left or the child may have been abandoned. In the past, these children were left to care for themselves, often falling pray to theft, child trafficking or disease. TOUCO allows Tanzanians to create new communities that can care for these children and make hope possible.

The Building Projects

All children at TOUCO work to rebuild the families and communities they lost. That work includes building their homes and community. It's the TOUCO way.