TOUCO strives to meet its obligations (e.g. registrations, operating structure, monitoring donor funds, etc.) and provide the resources local children will need to grow and prosper.


Total Need: $56,700

Running expenses: $14,400

For the ChildrenHousingSupporting Volunteers
Feeding the Children in the two family units (28)
  • Staple Items: $4,100
    1. Corn: $1,400
    2. Beans: $2,700
  • Monthly Expenses: $1,400.00
  • School Fees, Uniforms etc. $10,600
    1. Primary School Fees: $7,500
    2. Secondary School Fees: $3,100

Plans are underway to make food supply a local project in order to reduce the costs of running these families and train these children on self-reliance to boost their self-esteem and creativity.

NEW House Construction*: $42,307.70

The number of volunteer women may increase as the constructed houses increase and as the housed children increase. The projected number of families when the project shall be completed will be twenty families housing approximately two hundred and forty children.

Helping Locals to Make Children First

  • Remunerate 4 Volunteer Women: $1,950
  • Pay 2 Farm employees: $3,900
  • Pay Hospital Expenses: $850

Calculations are based on estimates of $ 1 = 1,560 Tanzanian Shillings