Dear friends, yesterday I went to Madeke the site of the future Tanzania Orphans Upendo Community (Touco). It was raining cats and dogs and we got stuck on the road but we finally succeeded to be home. Before we can start building houses for the families we need to expand the Primary School in the […]

Back in Tanzania

Saturday, October 8, 2011 Dear Friends in Christ Jesus, I promised to update my blogpost last Wednesday but as I had told you the world over here is a different world. Internet access is not only an issue but a hazard. I visited my my home village where I was born and saw my only […]

Nazareth Retreat

Today I concluded a wonderful Retreat at Nazareth Center and all my childhood images flooded my mind. I remembered the wild animals which used to frighten me and the houses I used to live in as I grew up. I remembered my gone parents, brother and sisters. I literary became younger and happier by just being back home […]