New John Deere tractor arrived July, 2016

We have built the Corn Mill House to install the corn mill. The house is complete and the mill is bought but we need money to install it so we can start grinding our own corn flower.  The garage building, where firewood and tractor implements will be put safely, has been built and roofed. The […]

Madeke Farm

The Madeke Farm is producing pineapples.  The challenge is transportation, and thus the need for a truck. We are shifting slightly to emphasize more avocado production. Avocados are less labor intensive and production costs are lower. This year we have planted some 400 seedlings which we hope will produce in three years.

New sewing machines

The pedal powered sewing machines have been put to good use. The Matrons and Mercy (who Bahoze trained in 2016 visit) were able to use them to produce 60 local mattresses, which use pine leaves. The machines are also used to repair kids’ clothes. We hope to use them even more productively in conjunction with […]

Fish Pond Construction in Ibumila 2017

  The fish pond was completed, filled with water and on the 7th of this month we stocked it with fish and out of 200 only 7 died. So far they are doing well.  The kids and matrons are very excited with this experiment. The challenge will come with the Dry Season!  

Finished Chapel

The first task when I returned full time in 2016 was to finish the Chapel Kindergarten Complex. We are just waiting for the benches/pews in the church and painting of the ceiling of the surrounding rooms. We currently have Mass every day in the chapel and on Sundays a few locals join us. We need […]